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A Birthday Tribute



Thankful Thursday #2

Tricky is thankful for Christmas in July compliments of our Amazon wish list and the generosity of our wonderful supporters.

To check out the wish list for yourself just click on Tricky’s picture.



The post where you learn to speak Sanskrit

All of the residents of Good Mews are special, of course, but we have one lady who is extra special.  Tricky is a victim of domestic violence and she was harmed by a man as a means of exerting control over a woman; in families affected by domestic violence, this is not uncommon.

Tricky came to Good Mews through Ahimsa House, Georgia’s first and only organization dedicated to helping the human and animal victims of domestic violence reach safety together.    Ahimsa, meaning “non-voilence” in Sanskrit, provides emergency pet safehousing, veterinary care, pet-related safety planning, legal advocacy, a 24-hour crisis line and outreach programs. According to Ahimsa House statistics, nearly 50% of individuals delay escaping abuse because of concern about their pets.

Tricky’s injuries left her paralyzed and requiring a great deal of daily care.  In cases where an animal cannot be reunited with their owner, Ahimsa House does try to find a new home but that was unlikely in Tricky’s case. Good Mews was contacted to see if we had a place for Tricky and she’s been happily living at our shelter since 2006.

People are sometimes shocked and saddened when they first see Tricky.  While the circumstances that led to Tricky’s paralysis are both she is anything but sad.  Tricky has no trouble pulling herself through the shelter to find the perfect napping spot, she can be enticed to play when the mood strikes her (here is video proof of that), and she tolerates the daily bathes and diaper changes like a champ.  Tricky can teach us all a little something about dignity through adversity.

If you find yourself in an abuse situation and are delaying seeking help because of your pets, know that there is help available.  Check out the FAQs on the Ahimsa House website for advice on how to keep all the members of your family safe.

And to keep up with Tricky’s regular musings and her budding romance with RonJon, follow her on Facebook.  If you’d like to show Tricky a little love and help the shelter at the same time, you can send her a package of diapers by visiting the Good Mews wish list on Amazon.



Wordless Wednesday #24


Community Partnerships

At the winner’s luncheon for the Southwest LUV Grants for Good we were able to connect with several organizations doing great things in our community.  One of the other finalists in the small charity category was a group called VOX Teen Communications whose mission statement is helping “teens from diverse backgrounds develop skills to express themselves effectively and build a strong community.”

Recently VOX contacted Good Mews to see if we would be interested in hosting one of their teens, Shanaejha, at the shelter as part of their job-shadowing program.  Managing Editor Katie Strangis explains the program:

“Through the VOX Graduation Countdown program, teens are given support for life after high school. They attend  workshops (focusing on topics such as applying for college and how to live on a budget) and interact with adult mentors. Teens are also given individual support for setting and achieving goals for after graduation. They then often pass that new knowledge along to VOX readers through the newspaper and the VOX blog.

One component of Graduation Countdown is the Take a Teen to Work job-shadowing project, matching VOX teens with professionals in their fields of interest during breaks from school (usually Spring Break). Mentors host students at work for day and generally treat them to lunch to answer questions about their work. Teens get to experience the workplace and get insights into potential careers, and then they share their experiences with our audience through our newspaper and blog. The teens choose diverse career paths to shadow, including  television and print journalists to web development and veterinary interests. Past partners have included CNN/Turner, Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Tech’s Women in Engineering Program, WSB-TV, WXIA and The Highland Bakery.”

Shanaejha, pictured below with our very own Tricky, is extremely interested in working with animals and got lots of hands on experience during her day at Good Mews.  We’ll be linking to her blog post here so stay tuned for her take on the day.  Thanks to VOX for reaching out to us.  Good Mews values our relationships with other area non-profits.


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