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Thankful Thursday #7

We are very thankful thank some of the kitties you’ve met on this very blog over the last several weeks have gone to their forever homes.

Ms. Fluffy Pants picked out a family complete with a little boy who had the perfect lap.

Ms. Fluffy Pants

Eden  and Lily were adopted together.  The sisters can now be best friends forever.











And Bear went home with another Good Mews resident, Summer.  Bear, who can be timid in new situations, was adopted by a nice lady who visited with him several times at the shelter and is willing to give Bear the time and space he needs to feel comfortable.



Finding good homes for good kitties is what we do.


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Miss Fluffy Pants

The title alone is enough to make you want to stop and read, right?  It’s actually a name.  The name of a cat, to be precise.  What else but a cat!

Miss Fluffy Pants has a rather interesting story.  She’s had people at opposite ends of the East Cost working to help her.  Her story makes for good reading and I can’t tell it any better than Robin Olsen who writes the blog Covered in Cat Hair.  Covered in Cat Hair is where Robin writes “…the stories of my life, rescuing, socializing, and standing up for the rights of cats everywhere.” And doing so won her the 2011 Petties Award for Best Cat Blog.

Without further ado please click the links below to read about Miss Fluffy Pants.

It’s Good Mews for Miss Fluffy Pants Part 1 of 2

It’s Good Mews for Miss Fluffy Pants Part 2 of 2 

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