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Calling all cooks

Good Mews is collecting recipes for our cookbook fundraiser.  Our first cookbook, published seven years ago, was a rousing success and we’d like to make this one event better.  Please send your doing favorite recipes to goodmewscookbook@gmail.com or put them in the box at Good Mews that is labeled Recipes for Cookbook, in the food storage room. We need all categories.
Please include your name on all recipes you submit.  The deadline is Sept 30.The kitties thank you!


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Thankful Thursday #6

We are so very thankful that we were able to find good homes for fifteen very good kitties last weekend! Two of those kitties, Abigail and Scarlett, you’ve read about here on the blog.  Enjoy the slideshow of the fifteen felines below.

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Thankful Thursday #5

Good Mews is the thankful recipient of a donated Mp3 player loaded with music that is formulated to provide a calmer environment for our cats compliments of  The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project.

The Mp3 player is located in our intake room which, as the name implies, is the first stop for cats as they come into the shelter.  The calming music helps with what can be, for some, a confusing time.

Follow The Rescue Animal Mp# project on Facebook to learn more about them and the other shelters they are helping all over the country.