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Thankful Thursday #8

We would like to thank the Shelter Pet Project for making our sweet Otis the featured pet on their Facebook page on Friday.

Otis received 296 likes and 113 shares and we are hopeful that someone will read about this senior kitty and decide to come meet the handsome man in person.







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Thankful Thursday #7

We are very thankful thank some of the kitties you’ve met on this very blog over the last several weeks have gone to their forever homes.

Ms. Fluffy Pants picked out a family complete with a little boy who had the perfect lap.

Ms. Fluffy Pants

Eden  and Lily were adopted together.  The sisters can now be best friends forever.











And Bear went home with another Good Mews resident, Summer.  Bear, who can be timid in new situations, was adopted by a nice lady who visited with him several times at the shelter and is willing to give Bear the time and space he needs to feel comfortable.



Finding good homes for good kitties is what we do.

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Thankful Thursday #6

We are so very thankful that we were able to find good homes for fifteen very good kitties last weekend! Two of those kitties, Abigail and Scarlett, you’ve read about here on the blog.  Enjoy the slideshow of the fifteen felines below.

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Thankful Thursday #4

Good Mews exists to find good homes for our kitties but once a Good Mews kitty, always a Good Mews kitty.  So, we are so thankful when our adopters let us know how our cats are doing.  Recently we got a particularly heartwarming email.



I want to thank everyone at Good Mews for all the hard work you do.  Because of your dedication I was able to adopt two beautiful cats who have been a perfect fit for my family.  A few months ago I adopted Misfit (now Asher) and Dooley, brothers.  I wish you could see them both today!

Asher is very independent, but also the biggest cuddle bug!  Every night when my girls have gone to bed he comes down and demands a tummy rub and cuddling time; he loves being held like a little baby.  He is wonderful with my young girls (ages 2 and 4) and my oldest is thrilled that he now allows her to pet him!  We all knew he would do well in a home and he has proven to be a wonderful boy to have around and exactly what I was looking for in a first cat.  No surprises here!  Asher is a wonderful cat!

And then there is Dooley!  If you remember him he was always hiding in the tallest nook of a cat tower at Good Mews. And if you were there when I came to pick him up, the tower had to be taken a part, literally, just to get him out in an attempt to crate him.  A chase ensued and blood was drawn, but I got him home!  This was one terrified cat.  The first several weeks he hid in his safe room and ran whenever I came in the room.  He was always hiding under my bed and it took a long while, but he finally let me come close enough to pet him for brief moments.  I am happy to say that he is now a loving and very loyal boy!  I never thought I’d see the day, but he follows me everywhere, all day.  Wherever I am, there he is!  He is not a cuddler and does not like to be held (yet!), but he is always by my side and also lets my oldest close enough to pet him briefly.  I actually see more of Dooley than I do of Asher.  He has definitely surprised me and I am thrilled to have him!

These boys have been wonderful companions and could not be a better fit.  They have a great time together with several games of chase a day and quiet moments when they cuddle and groom each other.

Some of you know that my husband recently passed away and I needed companionship.  We have found joy with these boys and when my girls go to sleep at night, I have the company that I so desperately need.  They have, in a sense, rescued me.  I thank you and feel very blessed that they have joined our family.

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Thankful Thursday #3


We are thankful that we are the recipient of this month’s Cash for Cats program at Hey Kitty Kitty.  Hey Kitty Kitty is an online boutique dedicated to bringing you the most awesome cat-themed items, as well as fun products for your feline friend. Many of their products are goods made by independent artists.

Each month Hey Kitty Kitty choses a different organization to receive a portion of the month’s proceeds and Good Mews was chosen for the month of July.  It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!


And we are thankful to be featured in a Groupon Grassroots campaign for the week of the 23rd.  Grassroots is the charitable arm of Groupon featuring local campaigns so supporters can make a big difference in their own neighborhood.  Our campaign went live Monday morning and we’ve been thrilled and honored with the response.  The campaign is up through Sunday so head on over and check it out.  It includes a cute kitten photo.



Thankful Thursday #2

Tricky is thankful for Christmas in July compliments of our Amazon wish list and the generosity of our wonderful supporters.

To check out the wish list for yourself just click on Tricky’s picture.



Thankful Thursday #1

Ace is thankful for all the toys at Good Mews. And, most importantly, the volunteers who take the time to play with him.

And we are thankful to Cokie the Cat for inviting us to join the Thankful Thursday blog hop!  Check him out at


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