What goes on in a cat shelter at night?!?

Have you ever wondered?  We are hoping to answer that question but to do it we need everyone’s help!

Atlanta production house Encylcomedia is offering to produce a video for one of three worthy nonprofit organizations that garner the most votes in an online poll.  The concept of the Good Mews video, titled “A Night at the Cat Shelter,” would use night vision technology to show how the Good Mews cats spend their evening time. The video would also carry important messages, such as the need for spaying and neutering cats to slow the rampant growth of the local cat population.

There are 26 other non-profits competing for the chance to have their video produced.  Why should Good Mews be the winner?  In 2011 we realized a long-standing goal of purchasing our own free-standing facility,  and are now in the process of doing the extensive but necessary renovations.  This is an expensive undertaking and we will need a lot of support.  We believe that a professional video would be the key part of a sponsorship package that would entice local businesses to buy into the shelter’s new dreams.

Our new shelter will be twice as large as the current facility and will allow us to house more cats, which will take the pressure off of county animal shelters.

So we are asking everyone out in the blogosphere to do two things:

1. Vote!  Click here to be taken to the contest page.  It’s one vote per person so your time committment is minimal.  Voting runs through the month of July.

2. Help us spread the word!  If you are so inclined, tweet about the contest and/or post it on your Facebook page.

All of Good Mews, feline and human, thank you for your continual support.


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