A thank you to “Susan’s Sitting Service”

This blog post is a “two-fer” – a combination “Why I Volunteer” and a spotlight on a supporting business.  Susan Bowling submitted the following when I put out a call on the Good Mews Facebook page for folks to tell me why they support Good Mews.  Take it away Susan…

By way of introduction, my name is Susan Bowling, and I am the owner of Susan’s Sitting Service.  Susan’s Sitting Service is a locally operated pet sitting service serving the Powers Ferry Corridor (E. Marietta and Vinings Area).  We provide pet owners with the peace of mind and satisfaction by providing quality and professional care for their pets and homes while they’re away.  Knowing that your precious possessions are being cared for by a loving and trustworthy sitter is our mission and focus.

Since August, I have supplied your organization with various supplies, such as:  fluids, pet food, cat beds and litter.  My husband and I attended the “Kitty Kegger” this past October and “Susan’s Sitting Service” provided a gift certificate for the auction from Houston’s Restaurants.  The event was a lot of fun and we enjoyed meeting other feline pet owners.

During Christmas, “Susan’s Sitting Service” contacted several of its business clients to fill the “Kitty Christmas List.”  We were able to provide various office supplies and paper.   Instead of supplies, a few of our clients opted to donate $200 worth of cash donations for Good Mews to go towards their new facility.

My late kitty, “Luey” is featured on the Good Mews 2012 Calendar – he’s the big black kitty for January!  We had our boy for 19 years when he passed away and we’ve recently adopted another kitty, “Moo Moo.”  She is a “cow cat” with a lot of character!  We’re hoping that she will one day have her photo on a Good Mews future calendar – she’s a cutie!

As you can see, I am enjoying my involvement with Good Mews.  Being involved in the community is very important to me.  Good Mews provides a much needed service for our area and is a well-run organization.  I am happy to be part of your mission which is to “find good homes for good kitties.”  Sincerely yours,

Susan Bowling

www.susansits.com (Website)

www.facebook.com/susanssittingservice (Facebook)

And we are very pleased to announce that “Susan’s Sitting Service” will be a sponsor for this year’s bowling fundraiser – Pins for Purrs.  Thank you Susan!


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