Our grant committee

We’ve made mention of the fine work of the grant committee previously so I thought it was time to spotlight them.

The grant committee is headed by Sandy Napoleon-Hudson who has been volunteering with Good Mews since February of 2005.  Sandy and her committee have had a lot of success helping to gain much needed funds for Good Mews‘ ongoing programs including:

  • Two grants from the Eleanor Patterson Baker Fund for new cages and for a back up generator
  • A $7500 grant from PetsMart Charities in support of our foster care program
  • Two grants received through our work with the ASPCA – $5000 each to help with medical expenses incurred from the cats taken after the Kentucky floods and those taken in from the Pennsylvania sanctuary.

As Sandy says it can be discouraging work because, by nature, a grant committee receives many more rejections than grants themselves.  But when you get a grant it is very rewarding because you know the impact those funds will have.

She has her committee broken into several sub-committees:

Research – searching for grant opportunities that Good Mews may be eligible for

Writers – Those who write the letters of inquiry or applications.  Over the years the committee has been able to create a database of past approaches so the writers of a wealth of examples to call upon.

Data gatherers – many grant applications call for a great many numbers or statistics.  These are the people that keep track of how many cats have come into and been adopted from Good Mews in a given period of time, the source of each of those cats, how many cats are in the HALO program and how would expenditures are associated with them, etc.

Editors – a new set of eyes to check for completion and accuracy

Recently the work of the grant committee has doubled as they’ve added searching and applying for capital grants in support of our new building to their ongoing work of funding for our operating expenses.  If this sounds like interesting work to you, leave  a comment and we’ll see if Sandy can put your talents to use.


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