The Flea Market By The Numbers

The Spring Flea Market just wrapped.  Below are a selection of some of the more interesting and impressive numbers.

  1. 360 of Sharon’s amazing deviled eggs were sold during the bake sale.  Sharon used an additional 117 eggs creating all her other tasty morsels.
  2. Over 683 volunteer shifts were covered
  3. Those volunteers worked more than 3,650 hours
  4. All these number add up to the most impressive one.  This year’s flea market has grossed $48,595 to this point.  There are still some items to be sold on e-bay and in antique stores so the total will actually climb.  That’s up from last year’s total of $36,990.

The dollars raised were record breaking and the numbers show why.  This is an incredibly labor intensive event.  A great big thank you to everyone involved.

Plans are underway for another flea market to be held in October or November which will feature holiday merchandise.  We are in need of retail space to hold the event.  Last year’s holiday flea market was held at a storage unit but we’ve already collected too much merchandise for that to be an option this year.

We spent $5700 for rent and utilities on the space we used for the spring flea market.  Obviously, having a donated space means more of the money earned goes to the kitties.  If you have a retail space that you would be willing to donate to us for a few weeks in the fall, or if you have any suggestions or connections, please leave a comment.


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