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Wordless Wednesday #22


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Shanaejha’s day at Good Mews

In an earlier post we introduced you to one of the great organizations we met at the Southwest Luv Grants winner’s luncheon and explained the VOX Graduation Countdown and Take a Teen to Work job shadowing program.  As a result of that program, Shanaejha Peters was able to spend the day working and learning at Good Mews.  Below is the link to her blog post on The Vox Blog.  Read all about Shanaejha’s day and who some of her Good Mews favorites were!

Behind the scenes at VOX’s Take a Teen to Work: Good Mews

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Scarlett’s Tale

For the last several weeks you’ve been watching videos of Scarlett tending to her litter on our Wordless Wednesdays posts.  If you’ve missed any, look to the right to see the most recents posts.  Now it’s time for you to learn a little bit about Scarlett.

Scarlett was pulled from Carroll County Animal Control in early March.  This particular facility has an alarming euthanasia rate of well above 50% so Scarlett is indeed a lucky girl.  A Good Mews volunteer was actually responding to an urgent request regarding another cat, Paddy, who was pulled from this facility.  Paddy is an orange, senior tabby who, due to his age, was not handling life in an animal control facility well and was in need of medical care.  Good Mews heard of Paddy through a rescue network and agreed to take him in.  When our volunteer went to West Georgia to pick up Paddy the person she met with had Scarlett with her as well and it was agreed that she could come to Good Mews.  A foster home was found for Scarlett so that her babies would not be born at the shelter.  The first video posted was actually taken about three hours after the babies were born on March 18th.  As you can plainly see, and many of you have commented, Scarlett is an excellent mom.

She is estimated to be about a year and a half old.  According to her foster mom she’s affectionate, talkative (she has some Siamese in her) and fairly laid back.  She gets along well with other kitties – she’ll not back down if bullied but doesn’t bully others.  Scarlett likes to be with people and we are guessing she’ll be good with children because she’s pretty tolerant of being picked up as well as being poked and prodded.

With the momma’s name being Scarlett you can take a guess at the theme for the babies names!


Wordless Wednesday #21

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Help us get a Catification Makeover!

Good Mews is a finalist to win a shelter makeover sponsored by The Vertical Cat .  The winner receives $1000 worth of The Vertical Cat cat climbing products to help “catify” our space.  In addition, the winner of the “Catification Makeover” will also receive a consultation with Jackson Galaxy and the folks at Moderncat.  Combining Jackson’s cat behavior expertise and design tips from the folks at Moderncat will help Good Mews to create an amazing space for our cats.

Good Mews was chosen as one of 10 finalists from over 200 entries — now we need your help to win this!  The voting for the Southwest Grant was limited to Georgia residents but this time everyone can help.

You can only vote once and you must vote by midnight on May 22.  Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom to cast your vote for Good Mews.  It takes less than a minute but would mean so much to our cats.

And if you’d like to take another minute, we’d love it if you share this news with your friends and family as well.   Post on your Facebook page, forward this blog post, send a personal note to everyone you know–our competition is very stiff for this contest.

Now – go vote!  And we thank you.

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Wordless Wednesday #20

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Wordless Wednesday #19

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