Why I Volunteer #2

I asked Good Mews volunteers and supporters to share a few words about why they support our shelter.  Lisa has been a Good Mews volunteer since 2010.  In fact, today is her two year anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

I was just recently asked, “Why do you volunteer at Good Mews?”

I didn’t realize it would be such a difficult question!
Simply put, I love all animals and want to do what I can to help them.
The intense love I have for helping animals is harder to put into words.  I have limited financial resources to help them, so that’s out.  What I can do is give my time & love.  I make a difference by caring and loving the cats at Good Mews.  “Clean & Feed” is my favorite chore because I get to know each kitty and love on them (or not, if that’s their preference!).  I get to help provide the kitties’ basic, everyday needs.  I believe the cats recognize that we are there because we love them and want only what’s best for them.  It’s a commitment to something above and beyond my daily existence.   ~ Not to mention, there’s nothing like a deep purr, a head-butt, or paw reaching out to keep you petting them!   You know they appreciate you!
If you’d like  to share your thoughts about volunteering/supporting Good Mews, feel free to send an email to goodmewsnews@gmail.com.


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