We’ve got some kept kitties

Of course all of our cats are kept, and kept well, but we have a few select kitties that are part of our kitty keeper program.  These cats may have a slimmer chance of being adopted for medical reasons or because they don’t present themselves well on adoption days and so they have made themselves available as pen pals.

Do you know a child who loves cats but can’t have one because they or someone in their family is allergic?  Or how about a senior citizen who has chosen not to replace a beloved lost pet?  Why not give them the gift of supporting one of these fabulous felines?  For a monthly donation of $20 or more, they will receive a quarterly update, photographs and a personal note from their “kept” kitty.  It’s a great way to support the shelter and to allow someone who can’t physically have a cat to be on the receiving end of some regular kitty loving.

The registration form is available on our website  under the donation tab where ou can also find the names of the cats currently enrolled in the program.  And be sure to check out our video featuring the current kept kitties (trying saying that 5 times fast!)




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  1. #1 by rumpydog on February 17, 2012 - 2:39 pm

    Thank you for caring for those kitties who are less fortunate… and less adoptable.

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