Advice you’ve actually asked for

A few words on yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post.  The featured cats were Lola (black and white) and Rogue and the picture recently posted to our Facebook page by their new parents.  We always love hearing from our adopters and we especially love pictures! 

Amy W. made a comment in a previous post asking about introductions and I thought this photo was a perfect illustration.  While Lola and Rogue both came from Good Mews, they did not “meet” prior to the adoption.

The Good Mews website has an advice tab with words of wisdom on how to introduce a new cat to a new home as well as resident cats and dogs.  Check it out.  We cover a wide range of topics that many cat owners/lovers are likely to face.

However, if you’ve adopted from Good Mews you’ll have additional resources available to you.  Each adopter receives follow-up calls.  We do this to help with any problems and to answer questions.  Our mission is to find good homes for good kitties and we make ourselves available even after an adoption to be sure both cat and adopter are happy.

Are you facing a behavioral or other problem with your cat?  Consider contacting Good Mews for help.  Our volunteers have a wealth of cat experience and knowledge and we are happy to share.



  1. #1 by Amy W. on January 13, 2012 - 8:09 pm

    Thanks so much for posting this- I didn’t realize you had all those advice resources on your website!

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